Remember Monday – why? For the HARMONY, stoopid!

Remember Monday is a Surrey-based country/pop trio made up of Holly-Anne Hull, Lauren Byrne, and Charlotte Steele. They first met at college at age 17, and bonded over their mutual love of John Mayer and harmonies. From there, they say, it was ‘a short seven years before Remember Monday was born…’

For most of those seven years the trio of friends were called ‘Houston’. But so were several other artists. Eventually they realised they had to change their name (though they describe themselves as ‘pretty reluctant’).  The decision was made in the autumn of 2018 when they began working with Tim Prottey-Jones  and were getting ready to release their debut single ‘Drive’. As soon as they became Remember Monday they felt great: ‘We absolutely love our new name. We rehearse and have been rehearsing every single Monday for the last 8 years. It has always been our day!’ The name change worked for the music too: ‘Drive’ was released in October 2018 and shot straight to number 1 in the iTunes Country Charts.

The next big moment for Remember Monday came in January 2019 when they auditioned for The Voice UK.  You probably know what happened there… instead we’ll take you back to the previous summer when Ian Hall of the Manley Hall Music Group was coming to the end of a longish day organising recording sessions at Newark Racecourse. He’d got everything set up for the next session and was turning away to make himself a cup of tea – or maybe just think about making a cuppa – when the three girls (still ‘Houston’ ) burst into life. Ian remembers spinning round, electrified by the quality and complexity of their harmonies. Just as Jennifer Hudson, Olly Murs, Sir Tom Jones and did on The Voice UK when Remember Monday performed ‘Kiss for a Rose’ by Seal and all four judges swung their chairs. (Just watch Sir Tom’s face!) Later in the competition the friends brought their own music to public attention by performing ‘Jailbreaker’.

Although they didn’t reach the Final, Lauren, Charlotte and Holly are making the most of being mentored by their chosen artist Jennifer Hudson and described the whole experience as very positive. ‘The great thing about The Voice was that they really allowed us to stay true to ourselves. Everything you saw of us on the show was a reflection of where we would like to take our music careers in the future and being the first group to perform an original song was just the cherry on top, and a moment we will never forget.’

So who does what in Remember Monday?  ‘We all bring a little something different to the band, Those bassy low notes you hear in our music always come from Charlotte, which really helps fill out our sound. Lauren is the sole writer of the band, she creates our incredible original music and we can always rely on her to bring out that country twang. Holly is pretty much our personal stylist/social media manager/creative genius! She’s a woman of many talents!’

Workwise the girls have ‘quite a few different jobs to keep us ticking along’ – which for Charlotte and Holly includes teaching at Berkshire Arts Academy –‘but our main focus is the band’.   And when you see how their diaries are filling up this summer and autumn that seems like a wise approach.  When you get the chance to hear their unique sound live at Dixie Fields  – we can guarantee that you won’t forget Monday…